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Wye Marsh

Board Walk Replacement

  • 580 feet of boardwalk were removed and replaced
  • Installed in a remote location with specific environmental regulations

All board walk sections were built in 50 x 8 feet wide sections. They were then transported using custom fabricated wheeled dollies from the parking lot through approx 1/4 of a km of bush to the installation location. 

Shop Fabrication Time – 7 weeks

Removal and Installation – 1 week

Bay Port Marina

Dock Removal & Replacement

Removed the following:

  • 600 feet of main dock
  • 11 fifty foot fingers
  • 2 thirty foot fingers

Fabricated and installed replacement docks.

This project allows for parking of 26 boats.

Shop Fabrication Time – 5 weeks

Removal and Installation Time – 1 week

Nautilus Marina

Replace old, outdated docks.

  • Dismantled existing covered slips and removed all old floating tire docks.
  • Built and installed a new docking system that included parking for approximately 145 boats.
  • Installed 300 feet of wave baffle to protect boats and docks from boat traffic waves.

Note:  Our innovative dock design does not allow for any parts of the dock to sit in the water except for the floating tube. This means it is able to withstand Canadian winters as there is nothing for ice to grab onto and rip apart causing damage during the winter months.

Cottage Owner

Replace existing docks.

  • Built a 12 by 50 feet dock with cedar decking

Customer installed on their own