GLS Welding & Fabricating is a Canadian company located in Victoria Harbour, Ontario.

In 2000, GLS started out small, consisting of one guy and a truck since then we have grown to become a full service welding and fabrication shop that consist of a 10,000 square foot shop with 4.5 acres of land.   We are able to quickly scale to accommodate large projects and our employee base ranges from 6-14 people at any given time depending on the workload.  The talent in our shop includes welders, carpenters, electricians and mill wrights.

Gary Lewis, founder of GLS Welding & Fabricating believes in making products that are built to last.  Gary has worked on 100’s of projects and brings a solution oriented attitude – there is always a way to make something easier, faster and/or better.  Gary’s knowledge and valuable experience has helped build a solid reputation in the community.  He has been able to provide his customers with the highest quality in service while maintaining competitive pricing. 

GLS Welding & Fabricating offers you flexibility not found with larger companies. We continually strive to achieve excellence and operate our business with honesty and integrity. Our customer’s needs, concerns and questions are of the utmost importance to us and are handled quickly and thoroughly so as to meet or exceed their expectations. It is our commitment to follow through with what we have promised.